Why Replica Fish Mounts are Better Than Taxidermy

July 19, 2019

Why Replica Fish Mounts are Better Than Taxidermy

You finally caught a fish worthy of that empty spot on the wall in your bonus room. That trophy salmon you always dreamed of catching is finally yours. You even staved off eating it because you’re considering taking it to a taxidermist to get it stuffed. But would a fiberglass replica be a better option? Are replica fish mounts better than taxidermy?

We think so. Here’s why we think replica fish mounts are better than taxidermy.

Fiberglass replica fish mounts last much longer than stuffed fish.

Stuffed fish are treated to stop the decomposing process, but underneath that treatment, they’re still a fish. Fiberglass is a composite compound made of glass fibers and polyresin. Fiberglass doesn’t decompose over time and is much more resistant to aging. Stuffed fish will lose their structure and fade in color as they age. Fiberglass is much less likely to change, even under extreme circumstances. An added bonus to fiberglass replica fish mounts – they can be mounted outside! Good luck trying to do that with a stuffed fish.

Replica fish mounts won’t “grease bleed” or damage to the wall/objects around the fish mount.

Stuffed fish are notorious for bleeding grease or other natural oils as the age. A fiberglass replica fish mount won’t bleed anything. 

Replica fish mounts won’t mold, attract insects, or smell bad.

Fiberglass replica fish mounts are made of glass and polyresin – mold, bugs, and bacteria won’t do a thing.

Replica fish mounts promote catch and release.

This one is our favorite – we believe that more people should get to experience catching a trophy fish. If you let the big ones go, then you’re effectively letting other fishermen share that experience you had. It also might be your only choice for some species, such as tarpon or goliath grouper. Good vibes all around.

The logistics of replica fish mounts are much easier.

No need to keep that dead fish (if you decided to keep it) many days before it can be stuffed. Plus this means you can clean and eat your fish after you catch it. For delicious species like Coho Salmon and Redfish, this is a big reason why you fish for them. They’re tasty!

You can get your replica fish mount custom made so it’s almost identical to the actual fish.

Is it really important to you that your replica fish mount is as close to possible as the actual fish you caught? No problem, many replica fish sellers offer custom sizing and painting so your replica will look just right. Be sure to take a photo of the fish after you catch it! This will make it much easier for the manufacturer to nail the replica. 

Replica fish mounts are often less expensive!

Surprise! Often times replica fish mounts cost less than traditional fish mounts. Looking to buy one? There are many great options from private sellers and on Amazon. Check out the link above!

Parting Thoughts

We think these are all compelling reasons as to why replica fish mounts are better than taxidermy. If you were on the fence on which to buy, hopefully, we did our part to educate you on making a decision. Did we convince you to buy a replica? If so, we’d love to share a picture of it on our Instagram account.

Happy Hunting!

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