How Much Does a Replica Fish Mount Cost?

replica fish mounts cost

How Much Does a Replica Fish Mount Cost?

You’ve finally caught the fish of your dreams, and you’re contemplating buying a replica fish mount. The logistics of getting it stuffed don’t make sense (see our article on why replicas are better) and you’ve decided a replica will do just fine. But how much do replica fish mounts cost? Some of your friends have spent thousands getting their fish stuffed or having a replica made. Do you really need to spend that much for a quality replica?



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This just annihilated my personal best fish! My coworker Matt offered to take me out on his boat tonight and so far this is the highlight of my night! We were trolling for walleyes and this monster just smoked my leech and immediately my drag was screaming! It took about 15 minutes to reel this in. I was using a @team13fishing Muse Gold 6’3” ML with 8lb braid and a bottom bouncer pulling a spinner with a leech, not exactly a Musky setup😬 I still can’t believe I pulled this beast in. May or may not be still shaking a bit as I type this! This musky measured at 49” and was every bit of 20lbs, probably more! . . Matt, I can’t thank you enough for inviting me out tonight 🤙🏻 . . . #fishing #musky #muskyfishing #muskiefishing #muskie #muskellunge

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Luckily, the answer is no! There are plenty of affordable options to pick from online. The cheapest options we’ve found start at around $30 depending on the kind of fish you want. In general, the bigger the fish the more expensive the replica. Here are some examples of replica fish mounts at increasing price points to get a sense of how much replica fish mounts cost.

LX Replica Fish Mounts ($30 to $60)

LX replicas are low detail, hand-painted fish replicas. Most are of smaller fish such as trout, bass, salmon, or skipjack. These replicas could be perfect for a game room or a temporary theme party. Since they’re only around $30 to $50, the detail of the painting is entry-level. They’ll look great on your wall, but aren’t as sophisticated as more expensive options. They are a good choice if you’re looking to casually decorate a room or add ambiance to a restaurant.

Our favorite is the 28″ Tarpon.

The 18″ Large Mouth Bass is a great choice.

We really like their 18″ Rainbow Trout too.

The 28″ Snook is also a great option.

So is their 28″ Redfish.

And their 15″ Crappie replica.

Cabela’s Replica Fish Mounts ($100 to $400)

Did you know Cabela’s Sports Outfitters sells replica fish mounts? Now you do! Their replica fish mounts start at around $100 for smaller fish (bass, trout, etc.) and go up to $400 for larger trophy fish (such as marlin, sailfish, etc.). Their quality is much higher than LX, but still not as detailed as more expensive replica fish mounts. They’re great for both indoor and outdoor mounting.


Mount This Fish Company ($200 – $1,000)

Mount This Fish Company has one of the largest selections of fish mounts we’ve seen online. If you can catch it, they have a replica fish mount of it. Smaller fish (pike, salmon, etc.) start at around $200, while bigger fish (marlin, tarpon, etc.) go up to around $1,000. Details are higher than LX and Cabela and even rival other more expensive options.

Their 58″ Sailfish is one of the most popular mounts available! 

So is their 58″ Blue Marlin.

And their 54″ Wahoo mount.

We also really like their 55″ Yellowfin Tuna replica.

Along with their 57″ Tarpon mount.

And lastly their 36″ Tiger Musky replica.

King Sailfish Mounts ($300 – $1,500)

King Sailfish Mounts is another great option for a wide variety of replica fish mounts. They specialize in larger ocean trophy fish (marlin, sailfish, tuna, etc.) but also have several freshwater options (such as rainbow trout, largemouth bass, and pike). A little pricier than Mount This Fish Company, but the attention to detail is excellent.


Global Fish Mounts ($300 – $1,500)

Global Fish Mounts is a third great option for detailed, pricier replica fish mounts. Their selection is a little smaller than King Sailfish Mounts and Mount This Fish Company, but their prices and attention to detail are competitive. Smaller fish start at $300, while bigger ones go up to $1,500.



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✌️ Dos marlins, por favor! Nice day out there with Chad and his family. Two catch and release marlins and pure sunshine.

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Is that empty space on the wall in your game room calling to you? Are you ready to pull the trigger on a replica fish mount? Now you know how much a replica fish mount costs and what your options are. Whether you’re looking for a fun and affordable memento or a centerpiece to your man cave, there’s a replica fish mount for you. 

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Happy Hunting!