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Best Bass Fishing Lures: Our Top 9 Picks

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The excitement of casting a bait and reeling a fish is something that lots of people wish to experience. Although several types of fish are difficult to catch, bass fishing is quite popular because beginner anglers can learn how to master it quickly. 

Since bass is found in the lower 48 states and Canada, it’s one of the most widely abundant fish in North America. So if you’re looking for the best bass fishing lures, you’ve come to the right place. 

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks…

The Best Bass Fishing Lures

Picking the best lure for bass fishing is going to have a significant impact on your experience as an angler. The most common types of bass are largemouth and smallmouth bass which can be found in freshwater bodies, and you can also fish for sea bass if you’re into saltwater fishing. Here are the best lures to help you catch bass. 

BiCO Original Jig Non-Lead Bass Jigs

The Best Bass Fishing Lure: BiCO Original Jig Non-Lead Bass Jigs

Jigs are praised for their versatility and their ability to cover a whole body of water during several seasons without breaking or degrading. This one is no different because it’s lead-free and comes with a durable paint finish that lasts for long. 

This is an Arkie jig that can be used for various fishing techniques, so you can use it for flipping, skipping, fishing around deep structures, or fishing with a swim jig. It comes with a sharp Owner hook that guarantees that your fish won’t get away as it provides excellent penetration power. 

Because it comes with a longer and stiffer weed, this jig is almost weedless, so it won’t snag when you’re trying to catch bass in highly covered areas where the fish like to rest. This jig comes in different colors to work for all fishing conditions. 

This jig weighs 3/8 ounces, and if you really need to choose one lure for bass, this one should be it. However, some types of aggressive bass might ignore this jig for no reason, so you might need to experiment with another lure if it doesn’t work. 

What We Like

  • Lead-free jig.
  • Works for multiple fishing situations. 
  • Has a sharp hook.
  • Weedless lure.
  • Available in multiple colors. 

What We Don’t Like

  • Some aggressive bass ignore this jig. 

XFISHMAN Senko Worms Bass Fishing Lure Kit

If you’re starting your journey in bass fishing, this kit will be an excellent choice because the lures are simple to use and quite effective in various fishing situations. Just rig the lure straight on the hook, cast it, and let it sink. 

This stick bait has the ability to quiver as it falls through the water, creating the perfect presentation for bass and other game fish, with no effort on your side. You can use this lure with a wacky rig, Texas rig, California rig, and weightless rig

Your stick bait plastic worms come in several colors to work for every water condition. In addition, they come in a reusable box that allows you to keep your lures safe until your next fishing adventure. 

Each worm measures between 4 and 5 inches long, and you’ll receive 30 worms in 5 different colors. However, with repeated use, the plastic tends to break, so you need to be careful while hooking and unhooking them. 

What We Like

  • Suitable kit for beginners.
  • Multiple colors for various fishing conditions.
  • Quiver when cast to attract fish with no effort. 
  • Suitable for various rigging techniques. 

What We Don’t Like

  • The plastic easily breaks when hooked. 

Zoom Bait Finesse Worm Bait

To attract bass in various fishing situations, these finesse worms will work best. Each worm measures about 4.5 inches and is made of high-quality PVC, tapering towards the end to mimic the look of a real worm. The worms come in a wide range of colors that you can use based on the clarity of the water and the weather conditions to achieve maximum visibility. 

This worm works on a finesse head or other types of jigs, and the plastic body allows for good displacement of water to lure nearby bass. This lure is salt impregnated to add weight while you’re casting. As a result, you can guarantee better casting distance and more area coverage compared to other finesse worms that lack this feature. 

You can use these finesse worms to cast into the cover or to pitch at shorelines from a boat for slow retrieval. However, it might be smaller than other finesse worms, so it might get unnoticed. Moreover, the worms tend to be less durable and can easily break when hooked several times. 

What We Like

  • Life-like worms with a wiggling motion.
  • Worms taper towards the end to mimic the look of a real worm. 
  • Salt-impregnated worms to add weight.
  • Allow for different rigging conditions. 
  • Come in different colors. 

What We Don’t Like

  • The worms are less durable. 
  • They’re smaller than other finesse worms. 

Yo-Zuri 3DB Jerkbait Suspending Lure

If you’re fishing in a spot where bass prefer to feed on minnows, this jerkbait lure will be the right one to use. The bait measures 3.5 inches to mimic the favorite type of forage that attracts fish. It’s designed to stay suspended in the water to be used in a jerkbait fishing technique. 

This lure features a tail hook for flashing and a life-like fin to attract the attention of bass. In addition, it comes with round bend nickel treble hooks to provide a greater penetration power. This lure weighs 7/16 ounces, so it’s perfect for topwater fishing. 

This jerkbait shines in cold water and red eyes that mimic a wounded minnow that bass would prefer to eat. The prism and wave-motion vibration will cause an instant bite response, while the ribbed belly shines and bass can detect from a long distance. Moreover, the internal 3D prism tricks bass into believing that this is a wounded fish that is swimming erratically by sending flashes of light. 

The attention to details like the gills, fins, and scales will attract bass in various fishing conditions. You can use this lure when you’re targeting fish at the depths of 2 feet, and it’s weighted to improve your casting distance. However, it won’t work if you’re targeting deeper bass. 

What We Like

  • Real-like minnow to attract the attention of bass.
  • Focus on details with red eyes to mimic a wounded fish. 
  • Ribbed belly that bass can see from a distance. 
  • 3D prism that mimics the erratic movement of a wounded fish. 

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t work for deeper bass fishing. 

SunMine 5pcs Fishing Lures

These lipless crankbait fishing lures come in a set of 5 pieces, each measuring 2.76 inches and weighing 0.57 ounces. The lures are made of durable ABS material to withstand multiple fishing trips, so they will work for avid anglers who target smallmouth bass. 

Each bait has 2 sharp treble stainless steel hooks to guarantee that your fish won’t run away. The hooks are barbed to provide good penetration power, improving your catch rate. They also feature 3D eyes for catching even the most cautious fish. 

Whether you’re fishing in fresh or saltwater, these lures will work for you. Each lure comes with a built-in metal ball that adds weight and allows you to cast further, so you can catch more fish. Moreover, the balls make noise when you cast, and it attracts the attention of bass while they’re swimming or feeding. 

You can let this lure sink to bounce along the bottom, creating vibrations and noise. However, this bait can be easily crushed by logs or boulders, so make sure that you’re using it where it won’t be hit. 

What We Like

  • Made of durable ABS material. 
  • 2 sharp barbed stainless steel hooks for greater penetration power. 
  • Real-like 3D eyes. 
  • Built-in metal ball to add weight and create noise. 

What We Don’t Like

  • The lures can easily crash when they hit the logs or boulders on the bottom of the water. 

Booyah Blade Spinner-Bait Bass Fishing Lure

When your goal is to create maximum vibration in the water, this spinnerbait lure will be the right choice for you. This lure has a tempting head with 3D eyes, and realistic gills to mimic real-life baits. In addition, it features a sturdy 0.037 gauge stainless steel frame that has been tuned to provide maximum durability. 

As you cast, the 50-strand silicone skirt moves while the ultra-point hook ensures that your strikes will turn into catches. At the same time, the blade attracts the attention of the bass using sound and sight. 

This lure comes in various colors and weights to work for multiple fishing conditions and the blade flashes from a distance. Moreover, the double willow blade provides resistance in the water for bass fishing. 

Thanks to its construction and size, this lure will be a great choice for murky and cold water where you need more vibrations to attract the attention of bottom-feeding bass. It also works to cover a large area of water quickly without snagging into weeds to increase your catch ratio. You can use this lure while reeling in a straight retrieve action. 

These lures are more expensive than other types of bass lures, and the paint tends to wear off. But if you’re catching large bass, they will definitely work for you. 

What We Like

  • Realistic lure with 3D eyes. 
  • Durable construction.
  • Double-willow blades attract fish using sound and sight. 
  • Suitable for murky and cold water.

What We Don’t Like

  • More expensive than other types of lures. 
  • The paint tends to wear off. 

Softy Lure 20 Pcs 5″ Drop Shot Finesse Worms

Whether you’re using a California rig, shaky head, or drop shop, these finesse worms will work for you because they’re incredibly effective. In addition, these 5-inch worms come in various colors to work for every fishing situation. 

The worms offer great floatability and the tail stands out to attract bass. They’re also scented with an artificial smell that bass can’t resist.

Offering a live-like motion, these worms will lure the bass out of their hiding place, even in the toughest fishing conditions. In addition, these worms contain salt that adds weight and makes them more attractive to fish. The salt and scent combination causes the bass to latch on more to increase your success rate. 

These worms are neutrally buoyant, so they will help you improve your chances of catching bass. They work best to target largemouth bass at deeper and clearer waters. However, compared to other lures, these ones are a little thinner. Nevertheless, many anglers love how bass find them irresistible. 

What We Like

  • Suitable for different fishing setups. 
  • Come in various colors to work for every fishing condition. 
  • Scented to attract fish. 
  • Loaded with salt to add weight. 
  • Buoyant to improve your fishing chances. 

What We Don’t Like

  • These lures are thin. 

Lunkerhunt Compact Frog

If heavily covered shallow water is your target spot, then this compact frog lure will work for you. It has a compact profile with pre-trimmed short skirts to create a tight zone for your bass. There are several colors that you can choose from, depending on the condition of the water, and the spotted appearance makes the lure incredibly undetectable. 

The smooth body pushes the water, and the material offers high buoyancy. It features a weedless design to glide in and out of thick cover without getting snagged, offering a lure that bass can eat in a single strike. In addition, it features short wide gap hooks to increase the efficiency of your strikes. 

This lure works best for bigger bass during the summer months. Just a gentle twitch is enough to stimulate inactive bass. However, this lure is 2.25 inches long and weighs 0.5 ounces, so the hook might be too big for its body. 

What We Like

  • Smooth body. 
  • Compact profile with pre-trimmed short skirts. 
  • High buoyancy in the water. 
  • Weedless design.

What We Don’t Like

  • The hook might be too big. 

Norman Lures Deep Baby N Classic Medium-Depth Crankbait Bass Fishing Lure

Using a crankbait will work for you when you’re targeting fish on deep structures, and this one comes in several colors and weights that allow you to target deeper bass. When coupled with a good fish finder, you’ll be able to find schools of bass hiding under the water, so you can cast the bait out and crank it deep. 

One of the benefits of using this crankbait is that it allows you to cover larger areas of the water faster than other lures. This square bill crankbait will work best for largemouth bass and comes in various colors to match the fish’s favorite meal. The pattern makes it a close imitation of crawdad, bluegill, and shad, and it comes in various colors, so you can pick the right one based on your fishing situation. 

It’s best suited for cranking bait at depths between 6 and 8 feet and weighs 0.25 ounces, so it’s easy to wiggle in the water and works for all sizes of bass. In addition, its smooth design allows it to wiggle between various objects without affecting your fishing experience. 

However, you might need to tune this lure a little as it tends to run on the side. This is why less experienced anglers might not be satisfied with it or need more time to use it successfully. 

What We Like

  • Covers larger areas of water.
  • Imitates target bait that bass loves. 
  • Works at medium depths where schools of fish gather. 
  • Wiggles through cover and other objects. 

What We Don’t Like

  • Needs tuning. 
  • Not suitable for beginner anglers. 

How to Choose the Best Bass Fishing Lure

Tackle for fishing in winter

Bass prefer lakes and ponds where the bottom is covered by gravel or sand. Largemouth bass prefer still water bodies with vegetation, while smallmouth bass are found in colder water in the Great Lakes area. Catching sea bass needs a special type of lure. 

So, if you’re thinking about how to pick the right lure for your next fishing trip, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration. 

Types of Lures

A stick bait is one of the most popular bass lures, and it can be used with any soft plastic rig to catch all types of bass. The most successful colors are cinnamon, pumpkin, and chartreuse, although other colors will work for other water conditions. A curl tail grub is another versatile lure that you can use. 

If you’re targeting a larger bass, choose a spinnerbait. It can work for bouncing over hardcover like boulders which provide cover for bass. Spinnerbaits vibrate to create a movement that attracts bass when they’re reluctant to chase. Spinnerbaits feature different types of blades, but willow blades are perfect for bass fishing. Single or double Colorado blades also work because they attract bass through sound and sight. 

For catching largemouth bass, a square bill crankbait will be a good choice. Use a lipless crankbait if you want to reach the bottom of shallow waters for smallmouth bass. Tube bait is also a good choice for smallmouth bass. 

For aggressive fish, finesse worm lures will work. You can choose the bubble gum in a sandy fishing situation or on a cloudy day where the visibility is jeopardized because it works in challenging conditions. Salted finesse worm lures add weight when you’re pitching or skipping. They will also work when you’re fishing for bass when they’re hiding between the thick weeds. 

If you’re casting around the edges of body water, you can use a swimbait. Use a jerkbait if you’re targeting bass in deep waters without spooking them. A topwater frog will be the best choice for shallow water with lots of vegetation. 

Prey Species

It’s crucial to study the location where you’re targeting bass and the abundant prey species, so you can choose a lure that looks like food. Bass are opportunistic feeders, so they will literally eat anything that comes their way, but they have certain preferences according to the time of the year and the location. 

The best bait lure for bass looks like shiners, minnows, shad, crawfish, and bluegills. They also like to feed on insects, so you can choose worms and stick lures. Bass also feed on lizards and smaller reptiles, so they won’t mind going after a lure shaped like a frog. 


Although some anglers don’t care much about choosing the right lure color, it can definitely make or break your fishing trip, affecting your overall success rate. The easiest tip to follow is to select bright-colored lures in muddy waters and less bright, light, and subtle colors when the water is clear and the sun is shining. 

Author Note: Many pro anglers choose fire tiger pattern and chartreuse lures when the water visibility is less than 1 foot. When the water is clear, blue and white lures work best. You can also attract more fish with chrome, bone, and other natural finishes that mimic the fish’s favorite prey. 

If you’re choosing worms and tubes, stick to 2-colored lures in dingy water. If the water is clear, you can use translucent or glittery lures. The metal hook in a see-through lure can also provide an excellent visual attraction to bass. 

In muddy water, you’ll have better chances catching bass if you choose a lure that produces vibrations. These are created by tails, trims, or internal balls that rattle to attract the fish’s attention. 

Weather Conditions

Bass can be fished all year long, but choosing the right lure is directly related to the weather conditions. In windy conditions, you need to stick to larger and heavier lures because they provide better control in drift. These weighted lures will also help you cast further to improve your chances of catching bass. 

Fishing for bass in winter is actually a chance to catch the larger fish that gather at the bottom to feed. When food is scarce, you’ll have a better chance of attracting a large bass if you use the right lure. In this case, choosing a larger lure will work better because the fish are trying to store more calories in the cold weather. 

A crankbait that moves fast is a good choice for fishing on warmer days because it attracts the fish’s attention. It can also work on colder days, although a slower option like a shaky head might be more appropriate. 

You can also use faster baits during the spawning season in the spring when bass fish are more aggressive and ready to bite on anything. Spinnerbaits are also good choices for colder weather because they create the right amount of vibration. 

You should also change the color of the lure based on the weather conditions. For overcast and cloudy days, pick a darker or brighter lure to offer more visibility. If your lure is too transparent, the big fish might miss it. When the weather is good, a translucent lure will work well. 


Fishing rod and bait for fishing
  1. What is the difference between bait and lure?

A bait is a living or dead organism that you can cast to catch the attention of fish. In some cases, the bait is mixed with a scent to be more attractive to bass. 

A lure is a terminal fishing tackle made of a synthetic material to mimic the behavior and action of live bait that fish find attractive. In some cases, the lure is also scented to attract the fish. 

  1. What is the best rig for bass fishing?

Anglers use all different types of rigs for fishing, but most of them prefer Texas rigs. These rigs are almost weedless, so they allow you to catch a larger number of fish between the covers where bass like to hide. 

  1. How successful are crankbait lures in catching bass?

Crankbaits can be used to target bass in open water and around deep cover. They work better for straight retrieve catches, but you will be able to catch more fish if you wiggle the lure a little while retrieving it to catch the attention of bass. 

  1. When is the best time to use a topwater frog lure?

Topwater frog lures are perfect for fishing in the early morning, late afternoon, and other low light conditions. The lure creates ripples on the surface of the water, tempting bass to jump out of the water to catch the bait. However, there’s a great chance that bass might miss the lure if you’re not a seasoned angler. 

Wrap Up

Bass fishing is a popular outdoor activity, and your chances of catching fish improve when you use the right lure. There are several types of lures that work for bass, and each one of them will work in a different fishing situation and weather condition. 

We chose the BiCO Original Jig Non-Lead Bass Jigs as versatile lures that work for multiple fishing situations. We also recommend the XFISHMAN Senko Worms Bass Fishing Lure Kit for beginner anglers because they’re easy to use and provide a high catch ratio. 

Happy Hunting!


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