Best Lures for Giant Herring: The Complete Guide

February 1, 2021

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The Giant Herring, also known as the Hawaiian ladyfish, is a popular fish among recreational anglers. It’s a formidable opponent, and even the most seasoned angler will find a fight with the Giant Herring exciting. Don’t get it confused with the common baitfish herring – Giant Herring are something entirely different. So what are the best lures for Giant Herring?

Sports Fishermen relish the trophy of catching a Giant Herring. The fish are exceptionally fast swimmers. They have many other characteristics that set them apart. And not to mention the array of teeth in their mouths, their sandpaper texture being the perfect tool to ruin your leader or hook.

Are you ready to outwit the Giant Herring? Take a look at the best lures for Giant Herring. 

Top 9 Best Lures for Giant Herring

1. Halco Twisty

If you’re looking for a safe bet, take a look at the Halco Twisty. Not only is it ideal for Giant Herring, but they are great to use when you have a breeze to cast into. 

2. Halco Rooster 60 Popper

If there isn’t a breeze to bother you, why not try the Halco Rooster 60 Popper? The Halco Rooster 60 Popper is also a more successful opponent for an angry Giant Herring. Use the Halco Rooster 60 Popper when you want to strike the surface.

3. Rapala X-Rap (80mm)

If you are a kayak fisherman, then a Rapala X Rap is the way to go. The optimum size for Giant Herring is the 80mm. Use this Rapala to trail behind your kayak for maximum chances of success. 

4. Luhr Jensen Crippled Herring Lure

If you are looking for a versatile lure, then the Crippled Herring lure will be right up your alley. The Crippled Herring Lure is designed to match the Giant Herring’s potent action and will help you achieve a successful cast.

Anglers can use this lure for trolling in both salt and freshwater. The most effective way to use this lure is to rig it in a vertical jig. It can also be used for cast and retrieve fishing too. 

How to Use This Lure Effectively

Any lure and fish finder combination (especially side imaging fish finders) will maximize your chances of success. So, use a fish finder if you want an extra insight into the Giant Herring’s natural domain. Anway, with fish finder or not, here’s how to use the Crippled Herring Lure for maximum effect. 

If you know that there is fish beneath you, begin to jig to entice the Giant Herring. Pay attention to the downward drop because that’s where you will feel the Giant Herring biting. If you don’t know what to look out for, these are the signs: Taps on the fall and hesitations on the fall.

If the water is cold, then wait for three seconds on the bottom before lifting back up. 

5. Blueback Herring Jointed Bait

Take a look at the Live Target blueback Herring Jointed Bait for landing a herring. These lures come in three size options and have a medium to slow sink speed- perfect for catching herring.

These lures are designed explicitly for freshwater and are made to mimic live swimbait. 

6. Peetz Herring Spoon Lure – ‘CJ Special’

The Peetz Herring Spoon is a premium quality product. It is handcrafted for high performance and is made from Nickel-Plated Brass. 

Known as the CJ Special Black Scale herring lure, they are made with a specific isometric design that ensures a precise imitation of a baitfish. With their intelligent design, it’s easy to see why this lure is one of Giant Herring’s favorites.

Anglers can use the CJ Special Black Scale herring lure for trolling, casting, and jigging and are ideal for ice fishing too!

7. Menhaden Alewife Striper Blueback Herring Shad

The Menhaden Bluebuck is a well-designed lure to imitate the look and action of a real fish. They are multi-jointed, which helps to give the lure its fish-like movement through the water. The lure is a sinking lure designed with steel wire, ABS plastic, rattle, and 3D eyes. 

8. Wildeye 5″ Herring

If you are looking for a realistic lure, then the Wild Eye is the one for you. There are few lures that can offer this kind of realism. The Wildeye is also designed with the perfect colors and weights to imitate a baitfish as realistically as possible.

Their characteristic ‘Wildeye’ feature is based on 3D holographic engineering, and it is one of the best lures for Giant herring fishing. 

9. Lighthouse Lures Jointed Bait Lure 8″ Herring

The Lighthouse herring lure is another jointed lure for both salt and freshwater. The lure is deceptively simple, helping anglers land a Giant Herring. These lures are ideal for hunting larger species or predators. The product’s features include 3D eyes, split wings, carbon steel hooks, and 2/0 double treble hooks.

How to Catch Giant Herring

Giant Herring are renowned for their ferocious fighting skills. Because of this, it is important that you use the right equipment and techniques. 

The giant herring is a typically aggressive fish, and their attitude is paired up with a mouthful of razor-sharp teeth. The teeth are also coated with what can be best described as a layer of sandpaper. This outer protective layer can tear through inadequate equipment.

Their mouths are strong and filled with bones, and they use their mouth strength to full capacity when hooked. You can expect violent tugs and leaps. There are few anglers that don’t have a tale of the one Giant Herring that aggressively shook the hook and got away. 

If you are going to use incorrect gear, for example, using light gear, you will have trouble reeling in a Giant Herring. 

Giant Herring Rigs and Techniques

Most experienced anglers will tell you that the easy part of catching Giant Herring is hooking them. They are ferocious fighters and will give you the most trouble when trying to keep them hooked, nevermind reeling them in. 

Here are some equipment guidelines that you could find useful:

Use a mainline of between 4 and 6 kg. Whether you opt for a mono or a braid is up to your personal preference. However, one tip we will offer is about the mono.

The mono could help you when you find yourself on the receiving end of an aggressive herring. When you choose your leader, you should opt for leaders that are approximately 20lb. 

There are several different kinds of lures you can use when you target Giant Herring. Some of the most popular types of lures are small poppers, metal slices, small stick baits, and bibbed minnows. 

Because of their aggressive nature, they react well to fast movements. Jigging and fly fishing can be successful ways to land a Giant Herring. 

Tips for Catching Giant Herring

You can fish for giant herring off a boat, canoe, kayak, or any other device you prefer. Just make sure you have the appropriate equipment. For example, the Rapala X-Rap (80mm) is an excellent match for a kayaker targeting Giant Herring. 

Seek out flats that descend into deep water. But be prepared when you are in shallow water, too, as Giant Herring are known to push up in the shallows. 

Don’t be disheartened at first, and your persistence is likely to be rewarded. Remember that Giant Herring are high energy swimmers. They may move fast from one place to another. If you find a school of mullet, then you might just be in luck. Giant Herring can typically be found following schools of fish like mullet

Don’t lose focus when keeping them on your hook. They are incredible fighters with a tenacity like few other fish to break a fishing rig. This is why it is so essential to have the right fishing gear when targeting Giant Herring.

We hope that you use this article to not only help you get your Giant Herring hooked but to keep it there. Take a look at the top three lures for Giant Herring. And if they don’t suit, then scroll through the rest of the list. You’re sure to find your lucky lure!

Aside from your lures, we can’t stress enough how important it is to ensure you service your drags regularly. Check that your leaders are still in good condition. And lastly, don’t be lazy with light tackle. With the Giant Herring, that would be akin to taking a knife to a gunfight. 

Parting Thoughts

It doesn’t matter what lure you prefer. Just remember one of the golden rules. Heavy lures make it easy for the Giant Herring to snack off and get away, leaving you empty-handed. Anglers turn to assist hooks instead of trebles to counteract their razor-sharp teeth and their leaping action.

We hope you enjoyed this article on the best lures for Giant Herring.

Happy Hunting!

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