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Best Lures for Mutton Snapper: Our Top 7 

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The Mutton Snapper (Lutjanus Analis) is a small-sized species of the Snapper family. They are quite common in the Caribbean and can also be found in the Gulf of Mexico and the Americas’ Atlantic waters. They can be targeted using artificial lures, live and dead bait. So what are the best lures for Mutton Snapper? 

Glad you asked! In this article, we’ll go over the best lures for Mutton Snapper as well as how to fish for them. Let’s get started

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Favorites…

Top 7 Best Lures for Mutton Snapper

1. Rebel Lures Realistic Crawfish Crankbait Lure

The Rebel Lures Original Crawfish Crankbait Fishing Lure is an excellent lure for targeting a wide variety of saltwater fish, particularly species that feed on the bottom. It is a Hard Plastic with a durable finish. The quality components will withstand aggressive strikes from large sport and game fish. It works well when fishing for Mangrove Snapper, Queenfish, and Tripletail.

Designed to imitate a fleeing crawfish, it offers a realistic swimming motion to attract hungry predators. The Original Realistic Crawfish from Rebel Lures works best when fished on or around rocks, reefs, and structures. Bouncing and deflecting off these objects can entice a fish to attack. This lure is 1 ½ inch long and weighs 1/10 ounce. It comes rigged with a #14 treble-hook and can achieve a cranking depth of 2-3 feet.

2. WANBY Proven Explosive Color Special Minnow Swimbait

The large long lip helps reach the desired depth quickly and contributes to additional lure vibration and disturbance. Anglers can use the WANBY Special Minnow Fishing Lure to target various salt and freshwater fish. Fishermen can use them to catch Tuna, Mutton Snapper, Yellowtail, Bonito, Salmon, Flathead, Trevally, Mackerel, Squid, and more.

This is a fantastic-looking lure featuring a realistic scale pattern with externally etched gills. It features realistic 3D eyes with an attractive side-to-side swimming action to attract predators. Additional features include an advanced rolling weight transfer system. This system shifts the center of gravity of the lure when twitched. This technology is responsible for the attractive swimming action which drives fish crazy.

3. Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail Spinner

The Yakima Original Rooster Tail spinning lure is not a lure that one would typically associate with targeting Snapper – it’s most used when fishing for trout or salmon. However, if you are fortunate enough to be near estuaries, bays, or shallow reefs. They can be deadly. It features a unique spinning action with a Pulsating Hackle Tail.

This combination results in an extremely attractive lure when darting through the water. The quality blades are made from Brass, Silver or Gold, and offer loads of flash. The Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Spinner Lure is a quality lure with premium UV Finishes. They also work great for Pink Snapper.

4. REELDICULOUS Flat Side Slow Vertical Jigs

This lure is ideal for jigging for larger Mutton Snapper and numerous other types of saltwater sport and game fish. They have a slick aerodynamic design and come rigged with forged high carbon steel Mustad hooks and premium OWNER rings. Additional features include Military Grade Kevlar Assist Cord, Ultra-Wire Stainless Steel Split Ring (256lb), and OWNER Stainless Steel 1000+LB Test Heavy Pressed Solid Ring.

Multi-Coat Coloring has been scientifically designed to perform in all conditions and significantly enhances the appearance to hungry predators. Dark to Light Color contrasts and Geometric 3D patterns create Multi-Angled Light Refraction, which maximizes underwater visibility.

5. U/S Saltwater Jigging Lures

This U/S Saltwater Jigging Lures is a high-performance lure and is proven to get good fish. It has a Super Slim Body Design, which offers low, medium, and high-speed jigging capabilities. Anglers can use this lure to target a wide range of salt and freshwater species, including Kingfish, Grouper, Dogtooth Tuna, and Squid. It is offered in five different colors, which are all extraordinarily vibrant and reflective.

The U/S Saltwater Jigging Lure features realistic 3D eyes, a premium stainless steel split ring, and a stainless steel needle sharpened hook. It also features innovative Multi-Layer Color Laser Film Coating, which enhances its appearance. This lure weighs 18 grams and has a length of 6.7cm (2.7in).

6. Tbest Sequins Hard Spoon Jig

The Tbest Sequins Hard Spoon Jig is a metal hard spoon lure, which offers extreme versatility and innovation. It features three hooks that come together to form a group of hooks, with three ultra-sharp barbs. This design dramatically increases your chances of catching more fish. This scientifically Structural Fish Hook design offers durability and exceptional holding power.

The Tbest Sequins Hard Spoon Jig is available in four beautiful colors and four different sizes. They are offered in 21g, 28g, 56g, and 84g options.

7. AUTES Hard Fishing Lures

This Artificial Plastic Sinking Minnow has a length of 5.12in (136mm) and a weight of 21g (0.7oz). It is rigged with a #6 super strong treble-hook with a corrosion-resistant finish. This Hard Plastic Sinking minnow lure is made from premium components and is a popular choice of fishermen worldwide.

It is fast-sinking and offers a fantastic swimming action to attract hungry fish. The AUTES Hard Fishing Lure features advanced Laser Technology, which results in an attractive crystal-like finish. It also features built-in Fish Scale Coating, 3D realistic eyes, and a unique diving tongue that accurately controls water depth.

What is the Best Bait for Mutton Snapper?

Anglers can catch Mutton Snapper on a variety of different baits. The best bait, however, is whole or cut Squid, Minnows, Pinfish, and Shrimp. All these baits can be fished dead or alive. They can also be targeted using any smaller species that can be found within their habitat. Bait that is fresh and has been caught that day is best, although Anglers can also use frozen bait.

Best Fishing Rod for Mutton Snapper

Quantum Embark Telescopic Fishing Rod

When targeting Mutton Snapper, a Medium-Action Spinning Rod is ideal. This Quantum Embark Fishing Rod is convenient, durable with loads of innovative features. It is 6ft 6in in length but can collapse to a travel-friendly 18in.

The Quantum Embark Telescopic Fishing rod is manufactured from a quality, reinforced IM6 graphite blank, which offers incredible strength, sensitivity, and features premium 4 D-Ring Guides. A Split-Grip Durable EVA handle offers hours of fishing comfort, and a built-in hook keeper prevents your line from snagging.

It is designed to hold a 6-17lb line and can be used to fish lures weighing up to ½ oz. This telescopic rod has been designed to last and features a solid glass tip constructed with a solitary material. This provides additional strength when compared to rods made from a hollowed-out graphite design.

Best Reel for Mutton Snapper

PLUSINNO Saltwater Fishing Reel

This reel is ideal for targeting Mutton Snapper and numerous other species of medium-sized fresh and saltwater fishing. It is made from nine premium stainless steel ball bearings plus an instant stop one-way anti-reverse bearing. This offers a smooth and balanced operation and drastically reduces noise.

The graphite frame is extremely rigid, and light-weight steel gears result in a reel that only weighs 8.9oz.

The PLUSINNO reel features a superior drag system with up to 136lb’s of incredible run-stopping power. The main shaft is made from premium metal, and the pinion gear is precision machined. This, combined with a perfect mesh drive gear, results in a reel that makes fighting large fish easy. The handle is made from aluminum and offers a right-hand or reversible left-hand orientation.

The spool is braid-line ready and doesn’t require monofilament backing to reduce line-slipping. This is a beautiful reel that features a matte black body with golden inserts. The new hollowed-out design results in a stylish reel with outstanding overall strength. It is recommended to rinse your reel with fresh water after each use and treat it with a silicone-based spray to prevent saltwater corrosion.

What are Mutton Snapper?

The Mutton Snapper is a small-sized species in the Snapper family. They can be found in the Atlantic water of the Americas, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea. Juvenile Mutton Snapper can be found in shallow habitats, with vegetation that is used for protection.

Adult Mutton Snapper are known to inhabit reef and rocky environments. They can be found at depths of between 25-90m (80-300ft) but are generally located around the 40-70m (130-230ft) mark.

Author Note: Mutton Snapper are red on the sides with distinct black spots between the dorsal fin and lateral line. They have blue stripes on the head and are olive-colored on the back. They can achieve lengths of 94cm (37in), and the heaviest on record weighed in at an impressive 15.6kg (34lb). Juveniles are known to school while the adults are solitary.

The best lures to target Mutton Snapper are vertical jigs, deep-diving hard-body lures, and bucktail jigs. The best bait to target Mutton Snapper is Squid, Shrimp, Pinfish, and Minnows. These baits can be fished dead or alive. If these baits aren’t available, they can be targeted using any bait found within their habitat.  


Fishing Lures in tackle boxes

We hope you enjoyed this guide on the best lures for Mutton Snapper! Juveniles can be found in shallow habitats with sufficient vegetation, which offers protection. Adults are known to inhabit reef environments, particularly coral and rock.

Mutton Snapper have blue stripes on the head and have olive-colored backs. They are red on the sides with a black spot between the dorsal fin and lateral line. Mutton Snapper can be found at depths ranging from 25-90m (80-300ft) but are generally located around the 40-70m (130-230ft) mark.

Although most Mutton Snappers don’t exceed 50cm (20in), they can achieve a length of 94cm (37in). The heaviest on record weighed in at 15.6kg (34lb). Adult Mutton Snappers tend to be solitary, but juveniles are known to school. They can be found in deeper water but also feed on the surface at night.

Happy Hunting!


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