Best Lures for Queenfish: The Complete Guide

April 23, 2021

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The Queenfish (Seriphus Politus) is also commonly known as a Queen Croaker. It is a species in the family Sciaenidae, which is made up of Croakers and Drums. They are native and can be located in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. From California to Oregon, along the North American Coastline. Queenfish can be found in coastal waters such as sloughs and bays but are known to move to deeper waters at night. So what are the best lures for Queenfish?

Glad you asked! In this article, we’ll go over our top 6 best lures for Queenfish as well as how to fish them. Let’s dive in.

When targeting Queenfish, there are numerous types of lures that you could try. Bucktail jigs, soft plastics, spoons, and small poppers have proven to be effective lures. Queenfish are extremely curious and will often follow your lure without attacking it.

The key is to get them to commit by using a rapid and speedy retrieval. Let us take a look at some quality lures that are currently available.

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Favorites…

Top 6 Best Lures for Queenfish

1. Alwonder Topwater Popper Fishing Lures

The Alwonder Topwater Popper Fishing Kit is ideal for targeting Queenfish and a wide variety of saltwater fish. These lures feature a bullet-shaped design which reduces significant resistance when in the air. This design offers outstanding long-casting capabilities.

They come rigged with an ultra-sharp, super-strong treble hook with a delightful flash teaser tail. They feature a deep face and cup mouth to maximize disturbance and splash. The Alwonder Popper Lure can be fished fast or slow and twitched, paused, or popped. It has a length of 2.4 in and a weight of 1/4oz.

They are great for all types of fishing conditions and can be fished by anyone. They’re also great options for Opah, Dogtooth Tuna, and Mutton Snapper.

2. DONQL Soft Fishing Jigs

Soft Fishing Baits with Lead Jig Heads can be extremely effective when targeting Queenfish and many other types of salt and freshwater species. DONQL Soft Fishing Baits are soft bodies that feature internal lead heads with soft tails.

They offer excellent long-casting capabilities and are rigged with a strong nickel barbed hook for increased hook-ups. These quality lures are manufactured from premium PVC material, which is environmentally friendly and soft to the touch.

They are offered in five vibrant colors, have a length of 3.7in (9.5cm) and a weight of 0.35oz (10g). The DONQL Soft Fishing Bait Pack offers 5pc Eel Sinking Soft lures, 20pc s Split Rings with 10 Fishing Connectors. All presented in a professional box.

3. Berkley Johnson Silver Minnow Fishing Lure

The Johnson Silver Minnow from Berkley is one of those lures that every fisherman should have in his tackle box. The workmanship is phenomenal with a Brass blade that has been designed for long-casts. It is plated with 24k gold for additional flash. This lure won’t roll or twist your line despite the impressive 35-degree wobble.

This back and forth motion is irresistible to fish. Anglers can use the Berkley Johnson silver Minnow fishing lure to target a wide variety of salt and freshwater species – like Yellowtail and Blackfin Tuna.

It offers exceptional long-casting capabilities in all conditions without twisting your line. Berkley only uses components of the highest quality and have a reputation for making quality fishing tackle.

4. GuaziV Spoon Fishing Lures

The GuaziV Spoon Fishing Lure is a Sinking Spinning Lure that is ideal for targeting Queenfish. It is extremely versatile and can therefore be used to target numerous types of salt and freshwater fish. Don’t be fooled by the funny shape – these lures are killer.

They are rigged with a super-strong, ultra-sharp treble hook as well as an attractive feather. This lure is machined smooth for reduced drag, rapid diving action, and excellent long-casting capabilities. They are durable and are designed to last.

5. PROpeller Lure Fishing Lures

PROpella lures have taken spinnerbaits to the next level with this beautifully designed “propeller” shaped Spinning lure. It comes equipped with sharp, strong feathered treble hooks. It features a Solid Silver Electroplating Design, which significantly increases corrosion resistance.

They have a unique scale texture pattern to attract hungry predators. It offers excellent long-casting capabilities with attractive swimming action. The PROpeller Fishing Lure is ideal for targeting Queenfish and numerous other types of salt and freshwater species.

Anglers can use it to target Jack Crevalle, Tuna, Snapper, Flounder, Barracuda, Cod, and Pollock. The quality PROpeller Fishing lure has a length of 5in and a weight of 1.4oz (40g).

6. New Bearded Buzzbait Bucktail Saltwater Jigs

These New Bearded Buzzbait Bucktail Saltwater jigs are fantastic and offer an exciting twist on the original Bucktail. They can target Queenfish, Flounder, Snapper, Grouper, Bluefish and Blackfish, and many more. It features a well-balanced lead fish head, a professional paint finish with beautiful and realistic life-like eyes. This lure weighs 3/4oz (20g) and has a length of 5, including the tail.

The New Bearded Buzzbait Bucktail Saltwater Fishing Lures are rigged with a premium, super-sharp 1/0 hook and can achieve diving depths of 50ft. Bucktail Jigs are one of my favorite lures to fish and are highly versatile.

They can be fished with either a slow, medium or fast retrieval. They can be fished at almost any depth and also offer long-lasting capabilities. Anglers can also use them to target almost any type of salt or freshwater species, and although relatively small in size, can get large predatory fish.

How to Catch Queenfish

Although Queenfish can be caught using live or dead bait, the most successful method of targeting them is by using artificial lures. Queenfish have a habit of feeding on the surface one day and then feeding mid-low depth the next.

Surface and topwater lures like poppers and stick baits are great to use. Queenfish are curious fish and will often chase your lure without attacking it. Fish with a speedy and rapid retrieval to get them to commit to your lure.

If this practice continues, they might be feeding deeper on that particular day. Try changing up to a vertical jig, deep-diving hard body lure, or a bucktail jig. Once these lures are at the bottom, apply the same rapid retrieval technique.

Best Bait for Queenfish

Queenfish feed mainly on invertebrates and other species of small fish. They can be targeted using live or dead bait, and almost any species found in the same habitat can be used. When fishing with dead bait, Squid, Sardine, and Mackerel are great baits to try.

The Mackerel and Sardine offer loads of smell, while the Squid releases large amounts of oil to attract hungry fish. A combination of Squid/Sardine or Mackerel/Squid will generally produce a fish if presented correctly.

The best live bait for targeting Queenfish is Anchovies and the California Anchovy in particular. Queenfish love to feed on this species and rarely pass on a quick meal.

Best Rod for Queenfish

Okuma NOMAD Travel Spinning Rod

The seven-foot Okuma NOMAD Travel Spinning Rod offers excellent value for money and is an excellent rod for novice and accomplished anglers. It is presented as a 3-piece rod which is convenient for traveling and storage.

It is presented with two tips that offer different fishing actions. The European Spigot Ferrule Connections give this rod an authentic one-piece feel. The Okuma NOMAD Travel Spinning Rod features Alps 316 SS Guide Frames with Zirconium Guide Inserts.

Best Reel for Queenfish

Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Fishing Reel

The Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Reel is perfect for targeting large Queenfish and numerous other types of saltwater fish. It features the IPX5 Sealed Body and Spool design. This design ensures durability and significantly reduces internal corrosion caused by fishing saltwater.

It also features CNC Gear Technology which results in a smooth and controlled reeling action. The Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Reel is made from high-quality components, including Ht-100 Carbon Fiber Drag Washers.

Queenfish Facts and Tips

The Queenfish is also commonly known as the Queen Croaker and forms part of the Croakers and drum family. They can be found along the North American coastline from Oregon to California. They can be located in coastal waters, estuaries, and bays. Queenfish prefer an environment consisting of a reef or structure.

Queenfish feed mainly on invertebrates and other types of smaller fish. Juveniles are known to feed on planktonic crustaceans like Copepods. Queenfish are considered a small species that don’t grow very big. They can achieve a maximum length of 30cm.

The body is elongated and compressed. It is blue/gray to medium brown in color. They feature an underside that is silver and a distinct dark horizontal line that runs the entire body’s entire length. All the fins are yellow except for the pectoral fin, which is dark in color.

Targeting Queenfish

Queenfish can be targeted using live bait, dead bait, and artificial lures. The best live bait is Anchovies, and the best dead bait is Squid, Mackerel, and Sardine. The best lures are poppers and surface lures, but if the Queenfish are feeding deep, then vertical jigs, bucktail jigs, and deep-diving hard-body lures must get down to the feeding zone.

Queenfish feed on a wide variety of small fish and invertebrates. A favorite meal for adults is the California Anchovy. Juveniles will feed on planktonic crustaceans like copepods.


Queenfish don’t grow that big and achieve lengths of around 30cm. They feature a compressed, elongated body which is blue/gray to medium-brown in color. The underside is shiny silver and they have a dark horizontal line that runs the entire length of the body. The relatively small mouth contains one or two rows of teeth. All fins are yellow except for the pectoral fin. This fin is dark in color.

Queenfish are often targeted from piers and jetties. They are decent eating fish and put up a solid fight for their size. We hope you enjoyed this article on the best lures for Queenfish.

Happy Hunting!

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