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Best Shoes for Fishing in the Rain

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Fishing in the rain can be one of the most adventurous and rewarding experiences for an angler. It’s a great way of honing your fishing skills as there are several aspects of the activity that you will have to coordinate to get a good catch.

One will have to take into account the weather, the kind of bait you are using and even the kind of rod you are using if it also happens to be windy.

There is another thing that one has to consider while fishing in the rain, which is the kind of footwear you are wearing. A regular house slipper will not cut if you want to fish in the rain.

The following are some of the best shoes for fishing in the rain that you can consider:

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks…

HUK Men’s Rogue Wave Shoe

The HUK Men’s Rogue Wave Shoe is a 100 percent polyester shoe that is ideal for fishing in the rain. This is an imported shoe that boasts of great quality and durability.

It features a pull-on closure and is also a shoe you can wash in the machine easily. This is a performance-engineered and highly efficient shoe that has been designed especially so you can fish in the rain effectively and safely. The following are some of the things that work for the shoe and some things that do not:

What We Like

  • This is a full neoprene shoe that features a rubber upper for excellent comfort and traction even on rainy days.
  • It has a non-slip outsole that provides an incredibly enhanced grip on slippery and wet surfaces.
  • The shoe is made of 100 percent polyester so you know it will not get damaged in water or even in torrential rain.
  • The pull-on closure makes it easy to get the shoes on and they als0 hold your feet in securely.
  • There are micro-channel openings that will let water escape so your feet don’t stay wet even if water enters the shoes. 

What We Don’t Like

UBFEN Water Shoes Aqua Shoes

The UBFEN Water Shoes have a durable and strong rubber sole that not only provides great comfort, but also incredible traction on slippery surfaces. It also features smooth and stretchy fabric that offers flexibility and comfort.

You never have to squeeze your feet into these shoes. These are also exceptionally lightweight shoes that allow you to pack them into your bag for trips without ever feeling weighed down.

The following are some of the things we like about these shoes, and some we do not:

What We Like

  • The fabrics on the uppers provide an incredible stretch, making these shoes extremely easy to get on and off. Often, fabric uppers cling to your feet when they get wet, but that does not happen with these shoes.
  • These shoes are extremely light and will make you feel like you only have socks on. But they offer enough thickness to protect your feet.
  • These are just like normal shoes except that there are tiny holes at the bottom that ensure the water flows out easily. The holes are not big enough for sand or rocks to get in.
  • The sole features convex dots that provide great resistance and make the shoes anti-skid.
  • The shoes can be used for fishing, diving, kayaking, water aerobics, etc. In short, there are several applications you can find for these shoes when you are not fishing in the rain.

What We Don’t Like

  • The shoes tend to run small.
  • The shoes can leave color on your feet the first time you wear them.

Sobaso Water Shoes

The Sobaso Water Shoes are another great pair of imported shoes that are incredible for fishing in the rain. They have an open mesh upper that ensures that the shoes and your feet dry quickly.

These shoes are incredibly breathable and will provide great comfort while you are fishing. Additionally, they also boast of a non-slip outsole that ensures you get good traction even on slippery surfaces. Another prominent feature of these shoes is that they are also really lightweight, though they provide great protection.

The following are some of the things we liked about the shoes and what we do not:

What We Like

  • These are quick-drying and comfortable shoes that you can wear for a long time without feeling uncomfortable.
  • It has a non-slip outsole that provides great traction.
  • There is an elastic lace that ensures that the shoes are securely in place. You can adjust the fit of the shoes and you can also slip in and out of the shoes very easily.
  • The shoes are extremely lightweight and there is a stretchable thick rubber sole. These are ideal even for the beach and for various kinds of water sports.
  • The shoes are available in a variety of colors and styles.

What We Don’t Like

  • The back edge can cut into the heel at times.
  • The shoes are quite narrow, so they may be a little snug for those with wider feet.

Water Sport Shoes Barefoot Quick-Dry

The Water Sport Shoes from TITISKIN Store has a great rubber sole that offers you great traction and grip on a slippery surface. These are quick-drying and lightweight shoes that drain water very quickly.

It has a breathable mesh upper that ensures your feet are ventilated. While the pores are big enough to facilitate evaporation but they are still small so that sand or rocks do not get through.

It has an extremely comfortable insole that ensures you get a great experience while you are fishing in the rain.

The following are some of the things that work for these shoes and some that do not:

What We Like

  • It has a quick-drying mesh upper that ensures that your feet are ventilated. The holes in the shoes ensure that the water drains easily.
  • The shoes are extremely easy to wear thanks to the stretchy upper. The elastic takes the shape of your feet and you do not have to worry about your shoelaces opening up.
  • They are extremely lightweight shoes that feel like you are wearing aqua socks. But they also provide great protection.
  • The insole is extremely comfortable. It has several tiny holes that allow the water to drain out.
  • The rubber sole ensures that your toes are protected from small rocks and cuts. These shoes are also great for snorkeling, rafting, beach sports, etc.

What We Don’t Like

  • The shoes are a little narrow so they can be a bit snug.

DLGPA Men’s Lightweight Quick-Drying Aqua Water Shoes

The DLGPA Men’s Lightweight Quick-Drying Aqua Shoes is 90 percent fabric that ensures that the shoes dry quickly. They are extremely breathable and lightweight. They have a rubber sole that provides great traction and grip.

These shoes are also incredibly lightweight and flexible, though they provide great protection. They also have elastic straps so the shoes slip on comfortably and hold your feet on securely.

The following are some of the things we like about the shoes and what we do not:

What We Like

  • This is an extremely quick-drying shoe. It has an open mesh upper and the holes in the sole ensure that the water drains quickly.
  • The elastic straps allow you to adjust the shoes around your feet based on how tight or loose you want them. There is a pull tap at the heel that allows you to slip into and out of the shoes easily.
  • The shoes offer full coverage and offer great protection to the toes.
  • The shoes can also be used for swimming, kayaking, beach sports, surfing, etc. In short, they can be used for several things, in addition to fishing in the rain.

What We Don’t Like

  • These shoes tend to be a little narrow so they can feel snug. It’s best to order a size up.
  • It can be difficult to keep your feet down in the water while wearing these shoes out to swim.

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Fishing in the Rain

If you are confused about how best to find the right shoe for fishing in the rain, the following are factors you may want to consider:

Water Drainage

One of the most important things about a pair of fishing shoes is that they should be able to drain water. The idea of water shoes is that they are quick to dry. You may not have control over whether water enters the shoes as sometimes you just cannot help it.

However, it is important that whatever water has entered the shoes should be able to flow out of the shoes as quickly as possible. This will keep the shoes lightweight and comfortable to wear even when you are walking on slippery surfaces or if it is raining quite heavily.

Often, there are tiny holes in the insoles of the shoes that facilitate the drainage. However, the design must also ensure that your feet are still protected from sand and rocks. The holes should only be big enough that water passes through them.


The shoes also need to be lightweight. Often, you may have to pack a lot of materials to be comfortable on your fishing trip. You need gear, protective clothing, bait for the fish and also food for yourself! Through all of that, it can become quite cumbersome if the shoes add weight to your fishing bag. 

Author Note: But other than luggage concerns, lightweight shoes also make it easier for you to move around. People think of fishing as an extremely passive activity.

However, while it does involve long hours of waiting and needs you to develop patience, you do not want to be weighed down by the weight of your fishing shoes. So, keep things lightweight and easy while you enjoy fishing on a rainy day.


It goes without saying that being outdoors when it is raining can be a slipping hazard. If you are fishing in the rain, then one of the most important things that you should look for in a pair of fishing shoes is the traction it offers. Even if you enjoy fishing in the rain, you do not want to risk slipping and getting injured. 

So, the fishing shoes should have incredible traction marks on the outsole that gives you a good grip even on a slippery and wet surface. Rubber outsoles are the most useful for fishing in the rain.

It would also be useful to have convex dots on the bottom of the shoe that will provide even better traction. Good traction is an important aspect of any kind of shoe, but it is possibly the most important aspect when looking for fishing shoes that are suitable for wearing in the rain. 


Elasticity is another important aspect of fishing shoes, especially when worn in the rain. An elastic upper also allows the shoes to fit perfectly and you can also adjust how tight or loose you want the shoes to be.

A shoe with good elasticity also does not need to have laces in its design, which cuts down on the risk of slipping in the rain because your laces have come undone.

An elastic upper will also take the shape of your feet and will provide a snug fit, so it is certainly something you should look for.


Finally, comfort is one of the most important aspects of any shoe, not only ones designed especially for fishing. Presumably, you will be spending a few hours fishing, so you do not want to be sitting or standing in uncomfortable footwear. Shoes that will bite into your heels or will leave blisters are not good for fishing. 

Besides, you do not want the shoes to be sopping wet while you are fishing. If the water does not flow out of the shoes, they will remain heavy. Not to mention, your feet will be soaked in water, which can also make you sick.

So a pair of shoes that take into account all the factors mentioned above into its design will be comfortable and safe to wear for fishing in the rain.

Man fishing on the bridge

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the frequently asked questions one may still have about fishing shoes:

Q. Are Fishing Shoes Waterproof?

  • Fishing shoes are not necessarily waterproof. In fact, they are meant to get wet and often are designed also for them to be submerged. However, even if water gets into the shoes, the special design that fishing shoes have is that the insole and upper have several tiny pores that will allow the water to flow out.

    A sign of a good pair of fishing shoes is that the water leaves the shoes as fast as it comes in. They are typically quick-drying shoes even if all of them are not waterproof. 

Q. What Kind of Shoes Should You Wear Fishing?

  • Ideally, you should be wearing special fishing shoes when you are out fishing. But depending on the conditions in which you are fishing, a good pair of sandals may also do the trick.

    If you are going to be on the shore or on a deck with no chance of getting into the water, a good and sturdy pair of sandals may work, but only provided the weather is warm and relatively dry.

    If you are fishing in cold and wet weather, it is best to wear proper fishing shoes that will protect you from the weather and will also ensure you get a good grip. You do not want to risk slipping and injuring yourself because of the wrong kind of footwear.

Q. Why Do You Need Fishing Shoes?

  • Fishing may often require you to enter shallow waters. But once you get out of the water, you do not want to spend the rest of your day in waterlogged footwear.

    When you wear a good pair of fishing shoes, they will dry up quickly because the water will be able to drain out of the shoes easily. The areas that you may be fishing in are also going to be full of wet and slimy surfaces.

    It is very easy to slip on these decks and injure yourself. Fishing shoes will provide you the right kind of grip so you do not slip and fall.

Q. Can I Wear Flip-Flops Deep Sea Fishing?

  • If no other option is available then perhaps you have no other choice. However, flip-flops are not the best option for footwear when you are out deep sea fishing.

    In fact, they can also be quite dangerous. There is a greater chance of slipping as flip-flops do not provide great support to the whole foot. Even being barefoot may be better than wearing flip-flops while you are out deep sea fishing.

Final Thoughts

Fishing in the rain is a very rewarding and unique experience. But it is important to take all safety measures so you do not injure yourself.

The right fishing gear also includes the right fishing shoes that will also be appropriate for fishing in the rain.

The shoes that have been reviewed above are some of the best ones in the market, pick one that best suits your needs.

Happy Hunting!


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