Best Underwater Boat Lights: Buying Guide

May 17, 2020

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Underwater boat lights can be a ton of fun. It helps you stand out from other boats and light up the water to see better in the dark. They can also be used to attract fish like nocturnal snook and tarpon. But which underwater boat light should you get?

In this buying guide, we reviewed all types of underwater boat lights and picked our favorites for different applications. Since many fish are active at night, you’ll want to get a boat light to ensure safe fishing after dark. Want a boat light that takes 15 minutes to install? We got you. How about a 6000-lumen professional grade boat light? Covered. We feature the best underwater boat lights for many situations. If you’re looking to buy an underwater boat light, you’ve come to the right place!

We feature a quick summary of our favorite underwater boat lights below. If you want to get into more detail, we go into our reasoning in the following sections and include the pros and cons of each underwater boat light review. Check it out!

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks…

Best Underwater Boat Light for Everyone

Tidal Wake IP68


The Tidal Wake IP68 is the first underwater boat light we wanted to feature because its design works with almost all types of boats. It simply screws into your boats drain plug hole! It’s the easiest way to add an underwater light to your boat in minutes. No drilling hole in your boat, extra sealant, or ugly side mounts. It’s great for night-time touring, swimming, and fishing.

The Tidal wake IP68 comes in blue, green, red, and white. It fits a standard NPT ½ inch drain plug and can be adjusted with optional drain plug adjusters. It has a 50,000 hour LED backed by a 3-year warranty and an overheat protected driver.


The Tidal wake IP68 has an ultra-bright 1800 lumen LED that tightly replaces your boat’s current threaded drain plug. The different colors create fun mood lighting while providing added visibility and safety.

The stainless steel, 27 watts 9 CREE LED fits all standard ½ inch threaded boat drain plugs. It also includes a waterproof quick-connect plug and storage bag so you can store it while moving your boat or storing it with the trailer.

One thing to note is that the Tidal wake IP68 is an underwater light not intended for use out of the water. When testing light out of the water be sure to limit its time on to a minute or less. Turning the light on out of water will cause it to overheat and decrease the LED’s life.


  • Ultra-bright 1800 lumen CREE LED.
  • 9-30 volt and 27 watt with a 5 amp fuse.
  • Waterproof Quick Connect Plug IP68.
  • 316L stainless steel construction.
  • Fits a 1/2″ NPT threaded boat drain plug.
  • Over-heat protection.
  • Shock Resistant.
  • Shatterproof lens.


  • Fits in almost every boat!
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to remove.


  • Not as bright as other options.
  • Only one color at a time.


The Tidal wake IP68 is our winner for the overall best underwater boat light for all situations. It’s easy to use design and affordability makes it a great choice for all types of boat owners. Since it fits into your boat’s drain plug, the risk of damaging your boat during installation is low. It’s also very easy to remove if you decide you don’t want it anymore.

Best High-End Underwater Boat Light

Lumitec SeaBlaze X2


The Lumitec SeaBlaze X2 is our high-end boat light winner. It’s much more expensive than our other options but it comes with many additional features. It’s also the only underwater light for boats on our list that provides up to 6,000 lumens! It has multiple color modes that allow it to shine in white, green, blue, and white/blue with both strobe and crossfade modes. 

It’s easy to install with a 3 wire surface mount. This mounting system allows for a flush installation that looks natural with almost any type of boat. Other features of the Lumitec SeaBlaze X2 boat light include a low profile design, high output wattage, and salt spray naval grade lifetime guaranty.


The Lumitec SeaBlaze X2 has a naval grade bronze housing that is internationally recognized as one of the most durable of all marine grade metals. It’s used in the construction of all Lumitec’s premier boat lights – including the SeaBlaze X2.

The SeaBlaze X2 also has been designed and tested in Lumitec’s state-of-the-art salt spray testing chamber which applies over 2000 continuous hours of rigorous salt spray. This ensures the light doesn’t fail under the most intense naval conditions.

It also comes with a color-changing toggle switch for easy color changes. Lumitec’s toggle technology uses simple off/on inputs for the power switch to control all the light’s features. No external controllers are required!


  • Naval tested bronze alloy housing.
  • Flush transom mounting system.
  • Flexible 1/2 inch diameter plug profile.
  • Integrated toggle switch included for different light modes.
  • Proofed in a professional grade salt spray chamber.


  • High performing boat light.
  • Multiple color modes.
  • Time tested brand.


  • Price.


If the price is not an issue for you, we highly recommend the Lumitec SeaBlaze X2. Its bronze alloy frame will withstand years of intense underwater lighting and heavy use. If you’re a fisherman looking for the best and willing to pay more, the Lumitec SeaBlaze X2 will fulfill everything you need in an underwater boat light.

Best Mid-Level Underwater Boat Light

Jiawill 60W LED


The Jiawill 60W LED is our winner for the best mid-level boat light. It’s got everything you need in a flush-mount underwater boat light but doesn’t cost as much as the SeaBlaze. It comes in red, blue, green, and white colors that produce an output of ~2,800 Lumens. Once again CREE is the manufacturer of the LED.

The Jiawill 60W LED is a vibration and shock resistant boat light that has a 316 marine grade stainless steel housing with a shatterproof polycarbonate lens. This allows the light to take a punishing on the bottom of your boat without breaking or dimming the light.


The Jiawill 60W LED has a super lower profile (only 17mm) and a smaller plug footprint for installation. The diameter of light’s body is only 94mm, which allows it to fit in many different locations on your boat.

It also has an overheating protection system that ensures the light can operate out of the water without permanent damage occurring. Its driver has a wide 9-32V DC range that works with many different wattage batterie san boat electrical systems. 

The included installation hardware allows for surface mounting on a variety of boat transom types. You can also install it on your boat’s trim tab with a mounting bracket. This added flexibility helps the Jiawill 60W LED work with many different boat types.


  • Built out of 316 marine-grade stainless steel housing.
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate lens.
  • Has a super low profile design at just 17mm.
  • Over-temperature protection.
  • Includes all hardware for various installations.


  • Great flush mount boat light for the price.
  • Not as expensive.


  • Not as powerful.
  • It still requires hull fabrication.


The Jiawill 60W LED is a great option for boat owners who want to hull mount boat light that isn’t as expensive as the SeaBlaze but still has great features. If comes with everything you need to install it out of the box and is an excellent choice if you’re ok with spending a bit more than the Tidal Wake IP68.

Best Bar Underwater Boat Light

Husuku SOOP3 LED


The Husuku SOOP3 LED is our choice for top bar style boat light. It comes in multiple colors like the other lights and has up to 42 individual LEDs for supreme brightness. The bar design allows for flush mounting on the transom or hull of your boat and allows for a strong application.

The Husuku SOOP3 LED works great for night anglers due to the multiple color options and 1500 lumen output. This level of light is optimum for attracting fish while still lighting up the transom of your boat. The SOOP3 has ultra-bright 42 LEDs aligned in a row for broad projection and optimized lighting spectrum.


It’s high-intensity LEDs and IP68 waterproof housing are perfect for both your boat’s hull and trailer. The bar design fits into many trailer lighting fixtures and is easily mounted with minimal tools. The Husuku SOOP3 is great for your camper, marine trailer, boat, tow-behind, and RV.

It comes with a 1.28-meter electrical cable and a 120 degree LED beam angle. The package includes two 42 LED bar lights made out of polyurethane rubber and SUS316 stainless steel.


  • SUS316 stainless steel housing.
  • Includes 1.28 meter (4.2 feet) power cable.
  • 120 degree LED beam angle.
  • Two 42 LED bar lights with 1500 lumen output.


  • Best bar style light boat light.
  • Affordable.


  • Requires tools for installation.


The Husuku SOOP3 LED has everything you need to install a bar-style underwater boat light. For the boat owner who wants a time tested design for boat lights, the Husuku SOOP3 LED is a great option. Its technology may be a bit older than the other boat lights, but it has everything you need to light up your boat.

Runner Up High-End Underwater Boat Light

Lumitec SeaBlaze Quattro


The Lumitec SeaBlaze Quattro is our runner up for best high-end boat light. We like the X2 more because it has a much higher lumens rating. The Quattro costs less, but only has a 2000 lumens rating. It also includes Lumitec’s marine-grade bronze finish.


Lumitec subjects the Quattro to the saltwater testing that the X2 went through, and is made out of the same quality components. It just has a third of the lighting power.


  • Naval-tested bronze alloy frame and components.
  • Flush transom mounting capability.
  • 2000 lumen rating.


  • Another high performing boat light.
  • Lumitec quality.


  • Price.
  • Lower brightness.


Although we like the Lumitec X2 more, the Lumitec Quattro is also a great option if you’re looking for a flush transom boat light. If you’re on a tighter budget and don’t need the extra lighting power, go with the Quattro.


Before wrapping up, here are the factors we considered when picking out the best underwater boat lights. If you want to learn more about aftermarket modifications you can make to your boat, check out our guide on adding weights to the bow of your boat for performance.

Lumen Brightness

When picking out the best underwater boat lights, brightness was one of the biggest factors we considered. The whole point of buying a boat light is to light up the water around your boat, so having a high lumen light important. We looked at many different underwater boat light models and decided we wanted to recommend boat lights with at least 1500 lumens. This amount of light will work well for both fishing (like for snook at night) and mood setting. We also favored light that came in different color options for their lenses.

Ease of Installation

As we mentioned above, we wanted to recommend underwater boat lights that were easy to install and required minimal fabrication on your boat. The more fabrication required the higher chance that the light could damage your boat. It will also be more expensive to fix if the light breaks. This is why the drain plug design for underwater boat lights is our favorite. They only require a pair of pliers to install! If you want a more permanent fixture, we recommend the disc design that only requires a small hole to be drilled. While traditionally boat lights are bar-shaped, we like this design the least because it requires the most fabrication to install.

Durable Design

We also looked for professional waterproofing and corrosion resistance when picking out our best underwater boat lights. Shock proofing, company warranties, and overheating defense were also considered with picking out our favorite lights. All the light we recommend comes with expertly tested waterproofing and many are built with corrosion-resistant metal alloys for long life expectancy. 

Happy Hunting!

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  3. Appears very good quality, solidly built and very bright. I mounted two blue to my transom and very happy with the light output. Time will tell on their ability to remain water tight.

  4. Great article. This review has the collection of the best underwater boat lights to lighten my days when indulging in night activities. Thanks for sharing

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