How to Catch Tripletail: The Ultimate Guide

March 17, 2021

How to Catch Tripletail: The Ultimate Guide

The Tripletail or Atlantic Tripletail (Lobotes Surinamensis) is also known as Flasher or Steamboat. This species can be located across the topics and is warm-water marine fish. The Atlantic Tripletail is the only species in the genus Lobotidae, which anglers can locate in the Atlantic Ocean. It can be considered a large fish and has been known to achieve weights of 18kg and lengths of up to 90cm. But do you know how to catch Tripletail?

You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll go over exactly how to catch Tripletail as well as other Tripletail facts. Let’s dive in.

How to Catch Tripletail

When targeting Tripletail, it is advisable to take the sight-fishing approach instead of blind-casting. Their unique hunting style and fondness for floating poles, debris, and objects make Tripletail an excellent fisherman target.

If you are not able to sight Tripletail on the surface, cast a spoon or sinking hard-body lure below the surface along pilings and structure.

The Best Bait for Tripletail

There are numerous live baits you can use to target Tripletail. The best are Bull Minnows, Mullet, Pogie Fish, and Shrimp. When targeting Tripletail, the key is to not go too big on your live bait. Try to find bait the length of your index finger. This is the perfect bait for learning how to catch Tripletail.

What Are the Best Lures for Tripletail?

Big Bite Baits Triple Tail Jerk Minnow

The Jerk Minnow from Big Bite Baits is perfect for targeting Tripletail. It features a delightful Paddle Tail for an attractive swimming action and a profile and body that perfectly replicates the Original Jerk Minnow.

The Eufaula Special 5 inch Jerk Bait is made from quality Super Soft Plastic which offers effortless swimming. This is our top tip for how to catch Tripletail – use this lure!

Kalin Jerk Shad Albino Lure

The Kalin Jerk Shad Albino Bait is beautifully presented with a realistic exterior color combination. It is designed with classic jerk Bait technology and offers an erratic swimming action that fish find irresistible.

You should be fishing it using a slow retrieve with soft short twitches and jerks. If the bite is slow, try a faster retrieval with stronger twists and jerks. This lure is made from premium material and will stand up to large fish.

Mister Twister Purple Worm

This lure is made in the United States and is made from premium blended materials. It is proven to get all types of fish, and the most popular choice is the Chartreuse Red 2 inch Curly Tail Grub.

It is ideal for targeting Tripletail and numerous other species of fish. Best when fished on or just below the surface, but anglers can fish it at various depths. There are 20 quality pieces per pack.

Best Fishing Reels for Tripletail

Abu Garcia Zata Spinning Reel

There are loads to like about this fantastic reel. It is a quality product made by a quality company. This reel features a lightweight aluminum frame and ten stainless steel ball bearings. It also offers one roller bearing, which provides a silky smooth operation.

The Abu Garcia Fishing Reel features a Rocket Spool Slip Design, allowing better control of the line coming off the reel. It also features a Rocket Line Management System, which allows better control of all types of fishing lines.

Braided line can be tied directly to the spool. This is due to the machined aluminum braid spool. It is important to note that all reels need to be taken care of and serviced regularly. No matter how good or expensive the reel is, it is no match for the elements.

Penn Slammer III Spinning Fishing Reel

The Penn Slammer III Spinning Fishing Reel is a fantastic reel and is manufactured from only the highest quality components. It offers a Gyro Spin Balanced Rotor with micro-click front drag adjustment.

It has three ball bearings plus a roller bearing, and an ABS aluminum spool. The Penn Slammer III Spinning Fishing Reel offers Twist Buster line twist reduction and is used by professional fishermen around the world.

Daiwa Strikeforce Fishing Reel

This is another excellent reel from Daiwa and is ideal for targeting Tripletail. It offers ambidextrous hand orientation and is made from quality Aluminium. This reel is ultra-light but can stand up to large fish. It features a 4.9:1 gear ratio, 4.4 Max Drag Strength, and Digigear Digital Design. The beautiful reel is reasonably priced and, if serviced regularly, can give you many years of great fishing.

Best Fishing Rods for Tripletail

Shimano Sojourn 6’6″ Spinning Rod

Shimano has been producing quality products for a long time. This Sojourn 6’6″ spinning rod is great value for money. It is a great-looking and pro-performing rod and falls into the Medium-Heavy category.

This rod is manufactured from super-light, super-strong graphite composition and is available in the most popular fishing actions.

This rod is equipped with low-profile aluminum oxide guides, which allow for super-smooth line play. It also features a newly designed custom reel seat and is designed for solid performance and versatility.

KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rod

This quality rod has loads of features and is ideal for targeting Tripletail and numerous other fresh and saltwater species. This 2-piece rod is constructed with Toray 24-ton carbon matrix Kastflex blank technology.

This rod offers exceptional strength, power, and accuracy. It is available in an incredible 29 sizes, and each rod features World-Renowned Fuji O-ring line guides, EVA grips, Saf-T keeper hooker holder, and tuned ergonomic graphite high-strength reel seats.

Rod action ranges from moderate, moderate-fast, and fast action and is considered the ultimate fast action rods. Kastking is an ICAST award-winning manufacturer and proudly boasts the PTS (Power Transition System) technology. These rods are excellent value for money.

Cadence Spinning Rod

The Cadence CR5-30 spinning Rod offers years of technology and a high-performance premium design at a reasonable price. It is available in a 1-piece and 2-piece design and is manufactured from a massive 30-ton matrix graphite blank.

It is manufactured from premium materials and features a comfortable Fuji Reel Seat. SiC guides with stainless steel frames and is blank wrapped in an amazing carbon veil to enhance durability further. The Cadence CR5-30 spinning Rod comes in two handle configurations and features full and split grip using high-quality EVA and cork.

Can You Eat Tripletail?

Tripletail is a fantastic eating fish and, if prepared correctly, is believed to be superior to more popular species like Grouper or Snapper. The flesh is white, firm, and offers a subtle and mild flavor.

Are Tripletail Endangered?

Tripletail are neither listed as endangered or vulnerable. Global populations are healthy, and there are no signs of overfishing.

More Tripletail Facts

Juvenile Tripletail features behavior different to most fish and float on their sides on the surface. Their intention is to imitate a dry leaf floating beside flotsam (unnatural debris or objects) and is believed to be a feeding strategy. Tripletails are pelagic and semi-migratory. They have been known to form schools, but generally, they are solitary fish. 

During the summer months, they can be targeted in estuaries and bays, with larger adults mostly being found in open waters. They are almost always associated with floating objects and structures. Tripletail prefers warmer water and can generally be located in water exceeding 29 degrees C (84 degrees F) and at depths of 70m (230ft).

They have a compressed body and scales that extend to the caudal, anal, and dorsal fins. This species had a large mouth, small eyes, and triangular-shaped head that concave as the fish mature and age. This fish gets its name from the three rounded fins, the caudal, anal and dorsal, which give the appearance of multiple tails.

Adult Tripletails are jet black while juveniles are colored, with brown, yellow, and black spots and patches. Adults feature mottled patterns which vary from reddish-brown to dark brown, usually accompanied by tints of grey. Tripletail are opportunistic predators and feed mainly on Anchovies, Atlantic Bumpers, Gulf Menhaden, and other small finfish types. They will also feed on Benthic Crustaceans and invertebrates like Brown Shrimp and Blue Crab.


Tripletail are an interesting species that have evolved into one of the strangest opportunistic hunters in the ocean. They are often located alongside unnatural debris, floating on the surface, imitating a dry leaf or non-threatening object.

When baitfish and other food sources float by, they are quickly engulfed by these intelligent animals. Due to this strange behavior, they are often sighted on the surface. Sight-fishing is a preferred technique when compared to blind-casting. Topwater surface lures are ideal for targeting Tripletail but if the bite is slow, try casting a small spoon or deep-diving hard-body lure alongside pilings and structure.

The best bait for Tripletail is Bull Minnows, Finger Mullet, Pogie Fish, and Shrimp. When targeting Tripletail, the key is to not go too big on your live bait. Try to find bait the length of your index finger. Tripletail are great for eating fish with a subtle and mild flavor. The flesh is white and firm, and often a simple recipe is best for this dish. 

We hope you enjoyed this article on how to catch Tripletail.

Happy Hunting!

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