Magnet Fishing Supplies: Start Here!

July 21, 2020

Magnet Fishing Supplies: Start Here!

You’ve heard the stories and seen the videos: magnet fishing is taking the world by storm this summer, fueled by curiosity and boredom brought on by shelter in place. Every day people are pulling up awesome finds like decades-old bikes and heavy-duty weapons with checkered pasts. Sounds intriguing! So what do you need to start magnet fishing? And what magnet fishing supplies should you get?

In this article, we will outline exactly what you need to start magnet fishing – as well as the best magnet fishing supplies depending on your budget. We’ll also cover what exactly magnet fishing is, the best gloves that will protect your hands while magnet fishing, and general magnet fishing tips and tricks. Here at Finn’s Fishing Tips, we enjoy all kinds of fishing – including magnet fishing! Let’s get started.

What is Magnet Fishing?

We thought it made sense to quickly go over what magnet fishing is for those that are unfamiliar with it. Magnet fishing is a technique where a powerful magnet (usually a neodymium magnet) is attached to a rope and dropped into a body of water to pick-up sunken metal objects. Since the magnets are very powerful for their size, they’ll easily pick up anything metal that they come in contact with. Europeans have been using magnets to go fishing for many years, but recently it has become more popular in the United States as well as Canada.

The growing popularity of magnetic fishing has been fueled by stories of magnet fishermen finding rare items like jewelry, tools, and weapons. One of the most common methods of trying to dispose of a weapon used in a crime is to dump it into a large body of water. With the rise of true crime television shows and podcasts (like To Live and Die in LA), amateur detectives and true crime fans have taken a heightened interest in magnet fishing. 

No matter why you’re interested in magnet fishing, we hope this list of magnet fishing supplies will help you get started!

What Do I Need for Magnet Fishing?

One of the best things about magnet fishing is that it doesn’t require many supplies to get started. All you need is a strong magnet, solid rope, and some sturdy gloves. We’ll list out our favorites of each below, as well as the best magnet fishing kits if you would rather buy a whole set instead.

Best Magnets for Magnet Fishing

As the name implies, the most important component of magnet fishing is… the magnet! There are many brands of magnets that will work well, but the below options are our favorites. You’ll want to decide the strength of the magnet you want as well as the weight. Stronger magnets have the capability to pick up larger objects, however, they also are riskier for getting stuck. If you accidentally stick your magnet to metal piling or bridge support, you may need extra help to pry it off. Here are the best magnets for magnet fishing.

Best Rope for Magnet Fishing

Now that you’ve picked out your magnet, the next step in getting magnet fishing supplies is to pick out your rope. We recommend getting a nylon rope that is between 50 and 100 feet in length. This will give you the flexibility of fishing off of piers and bridges that may be high off the water. We recommend getting a nylon rope because of its superior strength, flexibility, and durability. Nylon rope also holds knots really well, which is important when fishing for heavy objects. It’s also important that the line is durable. If you get your magnet stuck on something underwater, you’ll often need to apply a lot of pressure and shock the line to get it off. Don’t forget to check the minimum strength and make sure it is above the rating of your magnet.

Best Gloves for Magnet Fishing

Another key component in getting proper magnet fishing supplies are solid magnet fishing gloves. We look for gloves that not only will protect your hands, but are also comfortable and work well when wet. Magnet fishing gloves will protect your hands from both the rope and any sharp metal objects you drag up with your magnet. Getting a good pair of magnet fishing gloves is key to safe magnet fishing.

Best Magnet Fishing Kits

If you would rather buy everything together, there are many great magnet fishing kits you can choose from. These kits often come with extras like carrying cases, knot glue, and more. If you have the budget, we recommend getting one of the below magnet fishing kits.

Magnet Fishing Tips and Tricks

Now that you have your magnet fishing supplies, here are some general magnet fishing tips that will serve you well while magnet fishing. If you’re interested in even more tips and details, check out our magnet fishing tips article.

  • Tie strong knots. One of the most important parts of magnet fishing is making sure your magnet is tied effectively to your rope. This is crucial because if you get your magnet stuck you’ll need your knot to hold up to pulling it off. This means it needs to be extra strong. We recommend tieing either a Palomar knot or a figure-eight follow-through knot. Check out this video to learn how to tie a Palomar knot.
  • Magnet fish where there’s foot traffic. Your best bet for finding the most stuff is to fish where there’s a lot of foot traffic. These areas have the highest chance for people losing their things in the water or deciding to throw something in. Touristy areas such as bridges and piers are great places to start.
  • Keep your magnet clean. If you’re fishing in areas with a high iron concentration, your magnet will often get covered in iron shavings. Unfortunately, many high traffic areas are also high in iron. We recommend bringing a piece of plywood with you to scrape off excess iron shavings. Keeping your magnet clean will ensure that its full magnet force is applied to the items you’re picking up.


Before we conclude, we wanted to make sure we covered magnet fishing safety. Pulling up old, heavy, potentially dangerous objects has its hazards and safety precautions. 

  • Dealing with sharp objects. Some of the most common items you’ll end up pulling up from heavy traffic areas are fishing hooks and knives. These objects are meant to cut through things, and even when rusty can still poise to hurt you. Make sure you’re using proper magnet fishing gloves and if you are hurt, head to the nearest hospital immediately. Getting cut with rusty objects could lead to tetanus, a very serious illness. 
  • What to do if you find a gun. Often times finding a gun is the “holy grail” of magnet fishing due to it’s exciting and dangerous potential. If you do end up pulling up a firearm, report what you’ve found to the local police. It could be evidence they need to solve a crime. If it isn’t linked to anything, oftentimes they’ll return it to you (as long as you are of legal age to own a gun).


Magnet fishing is a ton of fun and a great hobby to pick up during quarantine. You never know what you might find, and it’s relatively cheap to get started. We hope after reading this article you now know what magnet fishing supplies you need to get as well as where to start. Good luck with your magnet fishing endeavors.

Happy Hunting!

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