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Hooked on Everything Fishing? Us Too! Welcome to Finn's Fishing Tips.

Discover the Best Rods, Reels, and More! Finn's Fishing Tips Reviews

It’s time to pull the trigger on a new fishing setup. But with so many options available, what should you get? 

Here at Finn’s Fishing Tips, we’ll provide you all the info you need to do your research right and get the perfect fishing gear tailored to your needs. From heavy-weather saltwater gear to how to go clamming, we’ve got detailed reviews and recommendations on it all.

We also have multiple how-to and informational articles ranging from the best trout fishing rods to how to make a fish finder rig.

What Does Bass Taste Like

The Fish Finder Rig

Learn how to fish a classic

Ready to Go Ice Fishing?

Make sure you have the right drill and ice auger!

The Best Saltwater Spinning Reels

Pick out your new reel!

Pick Out the Best Fishing Gear for 2020! Buying Guides for Rods, Reels, and More!