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Finn’s Fishing Tips Review Process and Mission

review process and mission

Our Team

We’re a group of experienced fishermen, boat enthusiasts, and nature junkies who have spent years using fishing reels, rods, lures, bait – you name it! Many of our writers were fishing guides at one point in their life, and have vast knowledge on how to catch fish.

Our editorial team also has decades of writing experience and loves to share what they have learned over the years through writing.


The review team at Finn’s Fishing Tips is made up of anglers from all walks of life that have a common passion: sharing what they have learned about fishing to grow the community.

Fishing is a hobby that future generations appreciate less and less; we want to ensure the activity that not only helps us connect with nature but also bond with other fellow fishermen, is preserved.

How We Test Our Products

Our reviews are comprised of testing how each product compares for its intended use, as well as getting a consensus from online sources on its quality and performance. We try to buy and test in person as many products as we can to make sure our reviews are a thorough representation of what the product is capable of. 

Our reviewers also are intentional about giving each product a 1 to 5 rating, which you can see in the summary tables of our product buying guides. Assigning a quantitative number helps with your purchase decision, and allows us to rank our products more efficiently.

Sometimes we receive free samples from manufacturers to help us do our reviews, but we also disclose this when we do. 

Why You Should Trust Us

All product recommendations from Finn’s Fishing Tips are exclusively editorial. Sometimes brands will send us products and promotions for editorial consideration, but our thoughts and opinions are always our own.

We want to ensure that our review process is unbiased and truly reflects how a product performs for its intended use and against its competitors.