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Using Crocs for Fishing: Why Crocs are Great Shoes on the Water

Crocs are often categorized as a fashion faux pas despite mainstream celebrities like Justin Bieber and off-beat artists like Shia LaBeouf sporting them. They’re labeled ugly and those who wear them find themselves in a position where they have to justify their fashion choices.

But if you’re thinking of using Crocs for fishing, well, you’re on the right track.

What’s So Great about Crocs

Wherever you are in the fashion spectrum, there is no debate that Crocs are a very comfortable and durable type of footwear. They are lightweight, but in terms of using Crocs for fishing, Crocs are buoyant and also waterproof.

Author Note: Crocs are also often tagged as low-priced fishing footwear that you can buy without letting go of quality. These shoes are water friendly and the right model will get your outsoles that will keep the water away from your feet.

That it improves traction and helps you avoid water logging are just two reasons why Crocs are an excellent choice for fishing. If you choose to get into the water, you don’t have to worry about grip. So whether you are going for deck fishing or wade fishing, Crocs have you covered. 

The holes on the surface will also ensure breathability when you’re in a warmer climate. Just remember that if the gaps are too big, dirt and sand will get into them, which is a different problem.

Of course, you can counter it with a good pair of fishing socks. On the other hand, if you get Crocs with side ports, you can easily drain the dirt and water and give your feet a chance to dry.

About Their Construction

Male wearing blue crocs

Using Crocs for fishing is also a good idea because these shoes are constructed with soft and flexible foam which, apart from making them lightweight, also keeps them from absorbing water. This is why they dry easily and quickly. The little dirt that you will gather on the surface of the footwear can be cleaned easily with a little hose down (like when you are cleaning your kayak).

Author Note: And it gets better. You can use them even beyond fishing. So, they work pretty well for a day at the beach or salmon fishing too. Crocs are also a good choice for camping, just not for wearing when you go on a hike.

But you can definitely wear them after you come back from the hike when you’re relaxing and need your feet to breathe. They’re one of our go-to shoes for when we fish alone because of their versatility.

Some models come with a fixed heel strap which gives you the sturdiness you are looking for when you’re out fishing (great for canoe fishing). When you’re trying them out, you might feel like the size is a bit big. But that is only to give your toes more room. The strap in the back will keep the footwear in place when you are moving around. 

Crocs come in many different patterns and colors from bright to understated ones. So, if you want to pair them with your outfit or just your socks, it’s not a problem!

Whether you are on the deck of the boat or planning to dip your feet in the water, using Crocs for fishing is an extremely practical move. They don’t slip and they don’t get damaged by water. And unless you spill deck stains on them, you don’t have to worry about damaging the color or pattern.

What about the Expensive Crocs?

That’s not to say some Crocs are not expensive. Well, there’s a reason for that. They might look like they are made of rubber or plastic or a mix of both. But these shoes are actually constructed from a closed-cell resin that is proprietary and called Croslite.

It is made of polymer which comes from crude oil. It is 40 percent more shock absorbent when compared to the materials used by other footwear manufacturers.

This material is soft and gives your feet the cushioning you need for a long period of time. The company claims that it is non-toxic. What we know for a fact is that it does not encourage the growth of bacteria because it does not absorb anything.

This is why there will be no foul odor from your shenanigans in the water. So, if you are using Crocs for fishing and they smell funny, check what’s stuck to them.

The company was careful in making these shoes with a material that is easy to clean. All you need is a little soap and water which makes it extremely low maintenance. The last thing you want to worry about on a fishing trip is if your shoes will get damaged.

The shoes are also made in such a way that they distribute the weight of the bottom of the feet. It is also recyclable which is good news for those of you who are socially responsible.

There Are Some Drawbacks, of Course

Crocs sandals

Now, it’s no unicorn. So, here are the things you must watch out for. The Croslite material with which the shoes are made does get damaged when it is exposed to high temperatures for a long period of time.

This includes direct sunlight too even though the material itself has insulating factors and is resistant to UV rays. That’s why it is recommended that you store them in a cool place when you are not using them. After a point, they also tend to lose their grip. So, don’t pack your old Crocs for the fishing trip.

Off-shore fishing or deep sea fishing is when you are at least 9 miles away from the shoreline. This means you are in waters that may be hundreds of feet deep. This is not where you want breathability.

Author Note: At the very least, you will be in water that has all sorts of rocks and other sharp objects floating around. You need shoes that will protect your feet from sharp objects. That’s not what Crocs are made for. They are also not meant to be underwater for a prolonged period of time.

How to Decide Crocs Fit

There are three factors that decide how Crocs fit your feet.

  • Roomy: Their original clogs are the roomiest Crocs you can find because they are very wide and your foot won’t even touch the sides of the shoe in most cases. They are quite long which means your toes will not touch the front of the shoes. This is helpful when your feet are semi-wet and you don’t want them to touch the shoes. These shoes also have a good amount of height which gives your feet lots of room to breathe. And finally, these shoes come with back straps that hug your heels. This is to make sure that all the extra length and height do not make your Crocs loose and dangerous. You will be stable wherever you are standing. 
  • Relaxed: You will notice that most of them are spacious around the foot but this is a little less so than the previous model. But you should get something which has straps or laces so that the feet are stable when you walk.
  • Standard: This is a bit closer to the surface of your skin but still not tight compared to the previous two models. It is spacious, but at the same time, it is not tight. It will hug your foot securely to make sure you don’t slip. Your heel will be secure in the shoe but the sides and top will touch your feet. You will still have room in the front so that the toes don’t touch the shoe in the front.


Q: Are Crocs Boat Safe?

A: The company Crocs has designed shoes that are specifically meant to be worn on boats. They offer both comfort and are operational for the purposes of a boat which means they are easy to clean and don’t generate a foul smell. So, that’s a yes.

Q: Are Crocs Good for Your Feet?

A: Unfortunately, not really. But this only means that you shouldn’t wear them all day long. They do offer arch support but they don’t secure your heels. So, if you’re wearing them on a trip. Make sure you take breaks and don’t go on any long walks wearing Crocs.

Q: Are Crocs the Same as Water Shoes?

A: Water shoes are a category of shoes that have been designed specifically for activities where you will be in the water. Kayaking is a good example. These shoes have a layer of mesh on top of them and the bottom has a hard sole. This bottom is to prevent any possible abrasions and cuts that are very likely when you are in dirty wet regions on rocky surfaces.

Parting Thoughts

Man Fishing

Crocs come in different shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. They work well for many different types of fishing except deep-sea fishing. Using Crocs for fishing is a practical move. It will keep your feet secure, comfortable and you won’t find them heavy.

These shoes don’t absorb water and hence, don’t stink. If they do, that might be because they have been exposed to light or water for too long. And the best part is, they float. So, if you got them off your feet by accident, it’s easy to locate them.

Happy Hunting!


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