Wraptor Tackle Roll Review: Worth the Money?

May 1, 2020

Wraptor Tackle Roll Review: Worth the Money?

There’s nothing more annoying than a messy tackle box. Hooks sticking out, nothing where you want it to be – it can be the difference between catching a tournament level fish and stabbing your finger on a rusty hook. Are there better options? 

The answer to that question from our friends at Wraptor Tackle Roll is a resounding yes, and it’s in the form of a plastic and durable fabric roll-up sleeve. Instead of keeping your tackle and lures in a box, they have you insert them into a plastic sleeve that can then be rolled up safely and compactly. But is the Wraptor Tackle Roll worth the money? Does it live up to the hype we’ve heard from some of our crankbait fishing friends? Read on to find out!

What is the Wraptor Tackle Roll?

The Wraptor Tackle Roll is a tackle storage system that keeps all your lures organized in the same place. Much like a card collector sleeve, it contains separate plastic pockets that hold lures of all different sizes. The plastic pouches each have an opening on one side that allows you to grab whichever lure you want to use. It also keeps all lures where you can see them so you’re much less likely to lose a lure under all your other tackle. The Wraptor Tackle Roll touts the following features:

  • Rolls up into compact shape for storage on your boat.
  • Plastic is thick and durable to withstand shocks and tension.
  • Each pocket has drainage holes to reduce moisture buildup and rust on your lures.
  • The sleeve has grommets on the top so you can hang it to dry/for storage.

The Wraptor Tackle Roll comes in the following sizes and specifications. Each one is designed for different levels of fishermen and can hold varying levels of lures and equipment.

54 Pocket Classic Pro

  • Rolled Dimensions – 22” wide x 4-5” diameter
  • Unrolled Dimensions – 22” wide x 28.75” long
  • Pocket Dimensions – 36 @ 5” wide x 3” deep
  • Pocket Dimensions – 15 @ 6.75” wide x 3” deep
  • Upper Pocket Dimensions – 3 @ 6.75” wide x 4.25” deep

24 Pocket Big Hitter

  • Rolled Dimensions – 17” wide x 4-6” diameter
  • Unrolled Dimensions – 17” wide x 28.75” long
  • Pocket Dimensions – 22 @ 7.75” wide x 3.5” deep
  • Pocket Dimensions – 2 @ 7.75” wide x 4.5” D

12 Pocket Grand Slam

  • Rolled Dimensions – 18” wide x 4-8” diameter
  • Folded Dimensions – 2” x 6” (for spinnerbaits)
  • Unrolled Dimensions – 18” wide x 35.75” long
  • Pocket Dimensions – 12 @ 8.25” wide x 6.25” deep

20 Pocket Starting Line-Up

  • Rolled Dimensions – 13” wide x 3-5” diameter
  • Unrolled Dimensions – 13” wide x 19.75” long
  • Pocket Dimensions – 9 @ 3.75” wide x 3” deep
  • Pocket Dimensions – 10 @ 5.75” wide x 3” deep
  • Upper Pocket Dimensions – 1 @ 12” wide x 4.25” deep

11 Pocket Triple Play

  • Rolled Dimensions – 22” wide x 5-8” diameter
  • Unrolled Dimensions – 22” wide x 30” long
  • Pocket Dimensions – 6 @ 6.75” wide x 4.5” deep
  • Pocket Dimensions – 1 @ 20.75” wide x 9” deep
  • Upper Pocket Dimensions – 4 @ 20.75” wide x 5.5” deep

8 Pocket Slugger Pro

  • Rolled Dimensions – 16” wide x 6-10” diameter
  • Unrolled Dimensions – 16” wide x 36” long
  • Pocket Dimensions – 8 @ 15” wide x 7.5” deep
  • Empty Weight – 2 lbs

What is it Made Out Of?

The Wraptor Tackle Roll is made out of Cordura 1,000 denier waterproof fabric with separate vinyl pouches for each lure. The sheet can be wrapped up into a cylinder and is held closed with velcro.

What Type of Lures Does it Hold?

In theory, the Wraptor Tackle Roll can hold all types of lures: crankbaits, jigs, worms, Rapalas, spoons, spinners, and more. Lures that have a cylindrical shape (such as crankbaits and Rapalas) fit best. If you’re interested in getting a new crankbait setup, be sure to check out both our crankbait rod buying guide and our baitcasting reel reviews. And for our bass fishermen looking to learn new techniques, we’ve got solid how-to’s on Texas RigsWacky Worm Rigs, and Carolina Rigs. Enjoy!

Does it Actually Work?

The questions we’ve all been asking: is the Wraptor Tackle Roll actually useful? The short answer is yes – definitely. If you’re in a situation where you need to try using many different types of lures (such as fishing for bass with crankbaits) or just have a lot of lures in your collection, the Wraptor Tackle Roll is invaluable. Having all of your lures where you can see them makes switching between different lures a breeze. This is especially important if you’re a tournament level fisherman who’s on the clock to catch as many and as big of fish you can find.

Is it worth the $70 price tag? We think so. The reduction in lost lures and broken lures will end up paying for the Wraptor Tackle Roll in no time. It also prevents costly (and painful) injuries from stabbing yourself with a rusty fishing hook. It’s hard to put a price on that!

Where Can I Buy One?

Lucky for you the Wraptor Tackle Roll has an excellent e-commerce platform with expedited shipping. You can buy the Classic Pro and all other sizes from their website.

Final Thoughts

The Wraptor Tackle Roll lives up to the hype. It’s perfect for storing crankbait lures and easily switching between lures while on the water. The plastic pockets allow you to keep track of all of your lures in one place, and its ability to roll up into a cylinder makes it perfect for storage in tight situations. For fishermen who have a large collection of lures, we can’t recommend the Wraptor Tackle Roll enough.

Got a Wraptor Tackle Roll story or review you want to share with us? Shoot us a note in the comments below.

Happy Hunting!

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